Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enjoy The Silence

Enjoy The Silence..

I spend a lot of time alone..not by choice, it just unfortunaly works out that way.

Wes works as a commercial pilot and is gone a lot. My two beautiful girls are with their Dad (my first husband) every other weekend. There is a lot of time for silence in my world.

Sometimes the silence can be like thunder. "-- Bob Dylan

Great souls endure in silence.---Fredderick Schiller

Silence…..Have you ever stopped to think about it…stopped to take the time to listen to it…silence

Sometimes silence can bring out the worst in us. It brings out irrational fears of things that go “bump” in the night. When in truth it’s just the water heater turning on.

It brings out the child in us as we hum a silly song to try to make noise reappear, even though we know it will not.

Silence, can make you think….it makes you think a lot.

Of good times, of bad times.

It brings back memories. Some that you wish would just stay away and others that you wish you could hold onto forever.


I sit sometimes and remember when my girls where little and the sound of the pitter patter of their feet running across the floor. I remember the small fits of giggles they would burst into for no reason and smile. I remember hearing Dora the Explorer going full blast on the television.

Silence gives you a lot of time to remember things. Time to reflect.

I sometimes sit and imagine what these two beautiful creatures will become. I imagine their lives and families and children. Silence gives you time to ponder the future.

Silence is a very stoic word when you really think about it.

It is a very lonely word if you want my opinion on the matter.

I sit in silence tonight at the beach with only the sound of the waves and the wind in my ears. I sit here and think about a lot of things. Worry about a lot of things.
In silence sometimes we find more questions… sometimes we will find answers….sometimes we just find that we need to enjoy the silence

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