Thursday, October 1, 2009

Itching..for paint

I am watching way too much T.V. these days.

When your head hurts the television is just the natural thing to do as it is just about as mindless as it gets.

I tend to go through spells on what channels I get "stuck" on. For a while it was the Travel Channel, then Bravo and now it's HGTV.

Oh yes HGTV.

And now by watching it I am sooo itching to do something, anything to my own house. Mainly I really want to put a screened pouch onto our existing on. Um yeah...okay. Dreaming a little big at the moment but hey ya gotta dream.

So for now I think I will stick to painting. Probably not the greatest idea with head pain and low energy but when I am having a good day I do want to do something productive.

Even though Wes hates painting I did manage to drag him to Lowes to help me pick out some colors. For starters I plan on doing the girls bathroom then I want to tackle the kitchen.

Tonight I started the prep work on the girls bathroom so hopefully tomorrow will be a good day and I can get it painted. I will post picks when it is done.

For now I am going to kick back and watch some more HGTV and then head to bed and maybe dream of tile!!!

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