Friday, October 16, 2009


I've been bad.

I have not updated like I should have but to be fair my eyes have bee hurting so much and the instances of blurred vision and black out vision make it kind of hard to be on the computer let alone type.

The testing in Baltimore went like thy thought it would. DUH.ummm yeah!

I ran he gament on the pressure monitor from 5 all the way to 60/600. As Dr. W said there is no doubt that I have IIH. So what is the plan?

Well part of the plan involves the fact that I am sitting in Baltimore typing to you right know from a hotel room!!

Surgery is tomorrow at 1:30. I have to be there at 9:45. They will be placing a new VP shunt in. This time they will go in on the left side (the previous one was on the right)

I am really hoping that this works but at the same time I am going to be honest with myself in knowing that it may not. It could take care of all of the headaches, it could take care of only a few, it could take care of none.

But for now we will hope for the best.

I am sure the next update will be filled with lots of information.

Till then.....

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