Monday, May 11, 2009

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

Things Crash…..It’s a fact…trust me….

Take my computer at work.

It gave me the blue screen of death right before I got sick in January and yep you guessed it…crashed.

Now they where able to retrieve most of the files but what they could not get were my Approved Vendor List. My ISO List…sigh….All 297 vendors, phone numbers, addresses, and emails wiped off the face of the earth.

We have our yearly audit in July…this list is a “must have” for the audit.

Oh boy!!!! Google is now my friend, trying to find all these damm vendors.

Nothing says Welcome back to work like this!!!

Other things that crash and burn are apprantlely my six year old.

She has a Razor scooter and goes to the neighbors driveway (it has a hill to it) and goes barreling down at record speed.

You can see where this is going, no doubt….

Today, while Mom has them at my house- Sorry Mom!!!

She bites the dust!!!!!

Mom goes running, A.T. and Susan (our neighbor and his daughter) go running.

She is scrapped up. She landed on her side. Her nose, arms and legs have “boo boos”

Poor Piper

About the time I got home from work Mom is bandaging her up and she still has tears rolling down her face.

But given that she is a child, I give her two weeks and she will be tearing it up on the scooter again!!!

On the IIH front…

My vision did clear up…thank God.

My side has continued to hurt, increasingly so. So I did call the Neurosurgeon’s office today…Sigh. I really did not want to, but I did. I have an appointment to see him on Wednesday. I am really hoping the pain stops before then and that I can cancel that appointment.

I have had this pain in my side before and have been told that it is probably just the tube in a “funny place” because it has not had time to adhere to scar tissue yet and stay in one place. In those previous times, I have been able to massage my side and the pain would go away. This time, it is not working that way. It is a constant ache even when sitting still and when I move it is a stabbing pain that at times takes my breath away.

So I am really hoping it just goes away and this is nothing to be concerned about.

Crash and Burn is how life can be sometimes but it is how we choose to deal with the aftermath that determines our fate.

We can hang our head down in despair and continue to burn or we can fight. Fight for life. Fight for what we want, need and love. We decide those things. We control how we handle what life gives us. We can either embrace it, or drown in it. The outcome may not be what we want, but we sure can give it one hell of a fight! Never give up!

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