Friday, June 19, 2009

The Vrdict is In

The Verdict is In

Shunt Obstruction….

Yep…just what I feared it would be.

Dr. Williams is 100% sure it is a partial shunt obstruction and almost 100% sure it is a total shunt obstruction.

So what this means is Surgery.

He is referring me to the Chief of Neurosurgery at Sinai Hospital.

It is not a matter of if I will have surgery it is when.

Basically, they will start in the abdomen and look at the tip (end) and see if it is blocked there. They may need to reposition the end of the tubing. Regardless of what they find there they will also look at the valve (brain) end of the shunt. Dr. Williams has a strong suspicion that the catheter here is blocked and will need to be replaced.

Oh boy!!!

To avoid multiple trips to Baltimore we will arrange a consultation with the Neurosurgeon the day before surgery. I will spend approximately two days in the hospital and then a few days after in Baltimore just to make sure everything is going well.

I should expect a call from the Neurosurgeons office this coming Monday or Tuesday to start arranging times and dates.

Wheww…..What a ride….what a ride…..

Still trying to wrap this latest development around my head.

Brain Surgery again……sigh

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