Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rules....Doh!!!

The Rules….Doh!!!

When Piper was little, two years old to be exact, we had a horrible time getting her to go to bed. Better yet, we had an even harder time getting her to stay in bed. So we came up with rules for bed time. They where simple, she could understand them, she could repeat them.

No talking, No singing, No playing, No getting out of bed….

For the most part it worked.

The world is full of rules, like it or not.

Rules for driving a car, rules at work, rules in a home owners association.

Rules, Rules, Rules….like it or not that’s the way it is.

Starting from the time we are born there are rules.

The reason I bring this up is because there are rules for blogging too. Yep believe it or not there are. But my goodness I think some people loose all sight of this when they start to type.

Now granted there is not a “set standard of rules” but I just like to call it common sense.

I was reading a blog and this person was so distraught that everyone was mad at them for what they had posted on their blog. So of course I had to go back and see what they put. OMG!!!! The blogger had posted personal details of other peoples lives, not there own….Wow….no wonder there friends were upset…..

Some general rules of blogging, (As I see it of course)

-Don’t use real names of others unless you are talking about them in the highest regard and even then think about it long and hard

-Never, and I mean never talk about your ex’s- I don’t and never will.

-Never talk about arguments with your spouse, family, friends, coworkers…it’s just in bad taste.

-Be bold with your opinion but wise with how it is worded

In general as a golden rule…..

Never write anything down you would not want the whole world to see

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