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10 Surprising Reasons your Stressed

10 Surprising Reasons your Stressed

What only ten?

Come on I know I can name way more than that. Well anyway that was a recent title to an article in a magazine I was reading. I could not help laugh out loud at some of the top ten. Take for instance “you never have quiet time” well who does?

But anyway.

Stress. Whats the definition of that anyway?

“Stress is a biological term which refers to the consequences of the failure of a human or animal to respond appropriately to
emotional or physical threats to the organism, whether actual or imagined”

Hmmm, or in my terms- Your about to pop your every loving lid and officially loose it. Because you have so many things, people and whatever thrown your way that you don’t know whether to laugh, cry or go hide.

But that’s just my definition.

Stress is just a part of daily existence when you really think about it. There is no “easy” button and if there where how boring would that be?

Well to tell you the truth I think I am Marjory do for some boring right about now.

So I have not blogged in a while, so lets get caught up, shall we?

We shall!!

Boy o Boy…do I have a lot to share…

What else would you expect from me?

I like to say that “ I am incapable of doing anything small, If you can’t go big, go home”
This is extremely sarcastic as you will see.

Yes my Shunt that I have only had since March is obstructed. This means more surgery. More Brain surgery. I am real thrilled about that.

I will be going to Baltimore to Sinai Hospital to have Surgery. I will have my consultation on Wednesday July 29 with the Neurosurgeon and then have the actual surgery on Friday the 31st. They will first start by looking in the abdomen at the tubing there, and then move on to the head/brain where the valve and shunt are.
I will be spending two days in the hospital and then at least two more days in the Baltimore area before they will release me to head back home. From there I will recover at home before heading back to Baltimore for a post-op appointment. I should expect a 4 to 8 week recovery time, just as before.

Whew did you catch all that.

Wes is going to be able to be with me the whole time (thank you very much FMLA) and Mom and Dad will be coming up to Baltimore on Thursday and leaving on Sunday.

To say that I am not nervous, scared, worried would be a lie. But I can say I am comfortable. What, you say does that mean?

I am comfortable because I have to be. For my own sanity and those around me.
I have no choice but to be comfortable.

But is that all that is/has gone on? Oh heck no.

Now I feel at this point I can let you in on something because
#1 it’s all cleared up now
#2 It was not as bad as first though
#3 No one was ever in danger of contacting it from me as I made 1000% sure of that.

I noticed about a little over a month ago I have a few pimple raised like bumps on my inner arm. Right about the area where an I.V. had been. (Hmmm, I bet some of you can see where this is going) At first I did not think much about it but it just did not go away. Then, to my dismay it started to ooze a little (sorry if you gagged a little there) So I went to the Doctor, fearing the worst.
They looked at it and immediately said it’s probably a Staph infection and at worst it’s MRSA. Lovely, just lovely I think. So they took a wound culture and sent it off. Because it would take three days to get the results they went ahead and started treating it as if it was MRSA.
Lucky or Unlucky for me, depending on how you look at it….it was not MRSA but was a Staph infection.

I actually should not be surprised that I had one, being as how many times since January I have been in the hospital.

Let me just say that during this past month I have never washed my hands and arms as many times as I did then. I have also never gone through as many band aids as I did then. But yes, my fellow public was kept safe so that is what counts.

That must be all right? Wrong……Don’t you people know me better than that yet?

I loathe going to the Dentist. I would rather give birth seven times without an epidural than go to the Dentist. Because of that I avoid the Dentist like some people avoid a bill collector’s telephone call.

For the last several months I have noticed a slight..and I do mean just a teeny tiny slight pain in the left side of my mouth. Nothing to bad, and does not last to long. So why worry about it right?....wrong…..

It came to a head, screaming and raging its big ugly head Monday night. And I think it laughed as it watched me walk into the Dentist office.

The source of pain is a tooth that I had a root canal done on in 1998. After the Dentist does his examination and mops of the floor because of my panic and sweat , just kidding, he determines that the tooth has now cracked and cannot be saved. It will need to be extracted.

Say What!!!!!

For the love of Pete, can’t a girl get a break? Of course not when the girl we are talking about is me.

Extraction. what a really ugly, fowl word.

Basically they take fancy pliers and the jaws of life and twist the no good tooth right out of your gums.

Fun times kids, Fun times!!!!

That was today’s adventure….me versus the jaws of dental life.
The Jaws Won…

I was told I should probably expect some bruising on my face since when they tried to pull the tooth out it cracked in half and then they had to REALLY dig that sucker out.


So here I sit with Vicodin , Ice Pack and a swollen jaw.

Oh yeah, and one heck of a headache. But that’s just everyday life for me know.

So after I have my Surgery in Baltimore (several weeks after actually) I will have to go back to the dentist to have an implant for that stupid tooth.

So here we are. All caught up. For now at least.

10 Surprising Reasons your Stressed…Give me a break….I know all 100 reasons why I am stressed

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