Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone

Welcome to Bedrock!!!

Well my ankles are welcoming you that is. They are more like cankles at this point. They are swollen and hideous. It’s a good thing it is summer and I can wear flip flops because there is no way these puppies would fit into a pair of shoes.

I woke up on Thursday and right away noticed how swollen both of my ankles and legs were. Of course I was panicked by this. After a couple of phone calls, off to my PCP it was. Considering that I had just had major surgery and the swelling was severe he was concerned that I may have developed a blood clot in my legs. The only thing that made him think it may not be that, was the fact that both ankles and legs were involved. He sent me off to the hospital to have an ultrasound done on both legs to rule this out. While I was going to be there he went ahead and ordered the CT head scan and X-ray of the abdomen. (one less trip to radiology works for me)

The results can back pretty quickly from the ultrasound…no blood clot…that’s good! Now what is causing all the swelling? After looking at all the meds I was taking we think we may have found the culprit, a muscle relaxer. One of its rare side effects (like less than 1%) is swelling. So no more of that for me…easy enough right? Wrong!!
BTW- The CT of the head showed that the bleed in the head was still there but it had not become any larger.

You would think that simply stopping that medicine would solve the problem, yeah me too. Well the problem is still here and it is now causing my hands to swell!! My poor feet almost look square they are so swollen. As of this evening my calves are swollen and very sore. None of this can be good. I may not hold a medical degree but I do know that something is not right. It goes without saying that tomorrow I will be headed to the Doctor…again

For everything else well…..I had a horrible headache most of today, my side is killing me, and the whooshing has come back in my ears sporadically. Wes goes into work tomorrow for a three day trip and the girls are with there Dad until next Sunday.

Sounds really gloomy but on a positive note…the sun rose this morning and so did I.

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