Saturday, August 1, 2009

All New Parts for Me!!!

All New Parts for me!!!

Surgery went well yesterday. Thank God.

The only snafu I ran into was my wedding ring and engagement ring. I started Thursday night trying to get those suckers off. I tried soap, lotion, ice water, Vaseline….you name it. By the time I got to registration and the pre-op holding area my knuckle was four times its normal size. EEKKK!

But have not fear as Mom was near. She new of this trick with dental floss or string to get them off. Problem was, no one could seem to find those items. We and the are discussing this as an Orthopedic Doctor happens to hear this conversation and says “Oh yeah, I can do that with my mask string”

LOL..I swear there was an audience of at least nine nurses and four Doctors watching here get those blasted rings off my finger. The way she did this was taking the mask string and threading it under the ring, wrapping one end and then wrapping the other end over and over the skin. All the while doing this you pull and twist on both ends of the string. This action forces the swollen skin down while also raking the ring across your finger and finally off. Now, it hurt like hell, but I did not want them to have to cut my beautiful rings off.

After all that excitement it was time for surgery. Off I went.

The next thing I know…I am in recovery. Naturally the first thing I did was reach for the top of my head (uhmmm we will discuss the horrid hair later) Then I see Wes. Yeah!!!

He tells me what they a nutshell here we go.

The general surgeon was able to do the distal/abdominal part of the surgery laproscoptically. He did find a mess of scar tissue and adhesions but more importantly he found that the tube was blocked, major blocked. So all the tubing was replaced by new and they were able to find somewhere to place the tube without having to go into the chest cavity.

Dr. Dorai’s part of the surgery was the actual shunt in my head/brain. What she found was that I had a major blockage. There was very little if anything coming out of that shunt. So she replaced the whole shunt system. From the catheter, valves shunt that goes into the ventricle to the tubing that runs from the brain, down my neck and under my collar bone.

Basically it was out with the old (well it was not really old, it was just placed in March) and in with the new.

I don’t remember a lot about being in recovery and that’s probably a good thing.

The only concerning thing going on right now is that the CT scan that I had at 2:30 am, yes you read that right 2:30 am, showed some bleeding in the ventricle where the shunt is placed. Dr. Dorai’s PA is the one who informed us about this. The other Neurosurgeon, that is on call this weekend) will be coming by to check on me and discuss this later today. I asked the PA what they would do about the bleeding, and all she would really say is that she had to talk the other Doctor but normally if the bleed is not to large they will just let it heal on there own.

Pain, Discomfort, Sore, Ache, Bruised, Relived, Anxious….those are just some of the words I would use to describe how I feel right about now. Basically I feel like a Tractor ran over my neck and head. So for now I am going to let them pump me with IV pain relief and close my eyes.

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