Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Piper turns 7!!!!!

Piper turns 7!!!

Wow!!! Where does the time go?

She cannot be seven can she? I demand a recount! Haha

It seems like yesterday Miss Piper Collins could hardly walk and now she’s a little soccer playin, fashion diva.

We had a great birthday party for her on Sunday and I could not have pulled it off without a lot of help from my wonderful mother.

The theme of Piper’s party was “Cooking”

When all her guest arrived they each received an apron and used special paint markers to decorate it. Then they each decorated a placemat for themselves using foam pieces. It was great to see the different artistic abilities of each child.

After that it was time to cook! Pizza time! Each party girl made their own personal pizza and I have to say the girls made some mighty nice looking pizzas. For the adults that were there, we had hot dogs with all the works, potato salad, and chips.

Now for the really fun part. Each guest received their own 9” cake plain cake. On the table before them were three containers of white icing and dozens of bottles of sprinkles. And if that was not enough, there were cake decorating bags filled with different colors (red, green, purple, pink, blue, yellow) of icing and a variety of cake tips. With the only instruction of how to hold the cake decorating bags I told them to have at it. LOL!!!!!

These girls had a blast decorating their cakes. There are some budding artist out there people, so watch out. Each cake was decorated completely different and they were all sooo beautiful. I think the girls really enjoyed this. I mean, how many times as a kid were you handed a cake and a ton of icing and told to have it and not told how it had to look? LOL! After they had finished there edible creations I put them in a cake box for them to take home and show off and enjoy with there families.

So now after all this cake decorating it was time to eat cake!!! My mom made Piper’s cake and it was too cute!! It was in the shape of an apron and had a real bowl and mixing spoon set on it. To outline the apron and to show the apron stings she used pull apart twizlers. Written on the apron cake in icing was “Happy Birthday Piper. #1 Chef “

Yummy, Yummy…I will say here that the icing mom and I made ourselves for the kid’s individual cakes and Pipers cake and it was sooooo good. Heck, it should be when it called for 3 sticks of butter and 2 sticks of Crisco for each batch. Eekk!!!! LOL!!

So with cake you must have ice cream, right? Of course. So I had set up and ice cream sundae making station complete with marshmallows, nuts, cherries, M&M’s, Oreo’s ect… for them to make their final item.

After presents it was time for everyone to leave.

Whewwww what an exhausting party. I was spent and so was my head. But it was worth it when Piper came up to me and told me that this was the best birthday ever and that the girls thought this was the coolest birthday party they had ever been too.

See, that’s the thing. When you are a Mom you will do anything for your children, anything. To me, it does not matter how bad I feel just as long as I continue to see my children happy and smiling. I

Seven….can you believe she is seven?

Next thing you know she’s going to be sixteen and giving me a royal heart attack…so maybe seven is not so bad.

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