Thursday, August 13, 2009

Questions I will try to answer

So I had a lot of people ask some questions in light of my recent blog entries, so I thought I might try to answer them. Try being the key word..LOL

Q: Where are the Syd and Piper (my children) when you travel back and forth to Baltimore?

A: They are with their Dad, my first husband. I try to schedule everything so that they are with him when I have appointment so not to disrupt their lives.

Q: How long does it take to get to Baltimore and why don't you just fly since you can for free?

A: It takes around six to seven hours to drive it depending on traffic. I don't fly into Baltimore becuase #1, I have to fly standby and usually I have a set time I need to be somewher and can't afford not to get on a flight. #2, Once getting to Baltimore I would then need to rent a car and that is just another added expense we just don't need right now.

Q: Why doesn't Wes alway's go with you to all your appointments?

A: Wow! I can't belive somebody asked this, but I guess it is a fair question. Yes, he does have FMLA but when he uses it he does not get paid. I am not working right now so basically he sorta needs to. LOL!!! So he goes to the big stuff and things when he is already scheduled off.

Q: Are you going to cut your hair again or shave it all off?

A: Good question!! I seriously thought about shaving it all of, well for about 5 seconds. I am not about to pull a Brittany Spears. This time its not as bad as I thought it would be. I am still able to cover it up pretty good and with the help of bobby pins it stays in place pretty nicely.

Q: With the blood in the ventricle wouldn't that be Hydrocephalus?

A: Another great question! That was what my Doctors feared was happening when they saw the CT scan after surgery. But my ventricles have stayed very small, in fact the ventricle where my shunt is has collapsed. Which for my shunt to work is not good but for fear of hydrocephalus it rules it out. For those who don't know, in Hydrocephalus the ventricles expand and get larger which is a problem. Dr. Dorai has commented several times how tiny my ventricles are which is very common in patients with Intracranial Hypertension.

Q: Why are you traveling to a Doctor so far away?

A: Not to be rude butif you read back over my past blog entries you will see why. It's not been easy to find a Doctor that can effectacly treat this disease.

Q: Since this new shunt is blocked wouldn't this surgery be a failure, and aren't you mad at these Doctors?

A: Well...yes and no. I don't consider this latest surgery a failure becuase who would have thought that I would have a brain bleed dirctly during/after surgery that would immediatly clog and block up the shunt? She has done tons of these surgeries and I am only the seconed patient she has ever had this happen to. What are the odds of that? Wish I had that kind of luck in Vegas! No, I am not mad with her. I think she is an outstanding Doctor. She has not given up on me and continues to have a plan.

So there you go, some random questions answered.

Today, so far, has been a pretty good head day pain wise. I hope it stays that way. Wes made some awesome homemade pizza last night and tonight he is making spagetti with his homemade suace. I love when he cooks!!!

Tomorrow I am going to make Piper's birthday cake with a lot of help from Mom. Hopefully her birthday party will come off without a hitch! Now if we could just fiqure out what to get her.

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