Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's looking funky....I know, I know

I know the blog looks a little strange right now.

For a while when you visit there is no telling what you will see. I am dangerous with my limited knowledge of templates and headers and layouts for blogs, so we shall see what happens.

So for now if you are bored or maybe looking for a good laugh keep checking back in to see what in the world I am up too!!!!!!!


  1. Haha! Girl, I just did the SAME thing with mine today--it was all outta whack for most of the day til I got it sorted out.

    Have fun with it! :D

  2. Ha Ha Michelle...I know...I am just trying not to delete the darn thing.

  3. Oh man--when I switched templates to something I found offsite, right before I saved it, it was telling me that I would lose my archive widget--I was worried that I had deleted mine...all for a pretty pink background that didn't even work LOL.