Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not for the faint at Heart

So everyone always wants to know where they cut at on my head.

They want to know how big the scar is.

They want to see it.

So I have decided to post a picture of it.

Now I am giving you fair warning that this is not a pretty picture.

I am telling you right now that it may make you squeamish, or sick to your stomach. Its not bloody or gory but it just looks, well...frankensteinish.

I am telling you, no, I am warning you that if you don't want to see it then DO NOT scroll down.

You have been fair warned so don't get mad and be "I can't believe she posted something like that"

TA DA......Wes has dubbed this the question mark incision

So there you have it my friends.

Thank goodness my hair will eventually grow and cover up that scar.

So now you will understand when you see me why I will be sporting a scarf. From my original surgery I lost 14 inches of hair but my hairstylist was able to "do" something and give me a new hair style. This time, there is just not much hair left to do anything with. Oh well...it will grow and on the plus side I get to go shopping for a lot of scarfs!!

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