Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disney-Doctors-Cruise Ships?? One of these things is not like the other!

Where's Waldo?

Don't you love those books? Piper does, but at the same time you can see the look on her face that the concept of a book dedicated to finding a funny guy in a hat is strange...Oh well, that's entertainment sometimes.

We wake up in sunny South Florida today....well actually its rainy outside but still.

We are usually in Florida for one of two things. Things that Wes and myself are obsessed with.

Disney and Cruises.

In fact we are taking the girls on their first cruise over July 4th.

But alas this time we are not.

We are here to go to Cleveland Clinic in Weston to try to figure out if I even have a brain these days. ( actually we have my MRI on a CD so AHHH HAAA I have proof for all of you that yes indeed I do have a brain)

I really am very apprehensive about this appointment and all the "what if"s" but who would not be.


Don't you love to fly? No, I don't mean going 90 down the highway or jumping off your bed going weeeeee!

I love to fly to people watch.

Oh my you say.
How dare I.
Come on get that shocked look off your face, you know you do it too.

No I don't stare anyone down and I am sure people have looked at me and gone hmmmm.

But let's just say there are some interesting people in this world.. Like the guy with his whole face tattooed, or the lady with every inch of her in green ( green clothes, green nails, green hair, green suitcase, green pocketbook, green shoes.) I think she really liked St. Patricks Day....

I will try to update asap on the visit to Clevelan Clinci, but be paitient.......

If your like me, you have no paitence....but we all have to be something.....right?

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