Monday, March 16, 2009

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

What is that exactly?????

For me it means a miracle, that only God can explain.

What was my Divine intervention today you might ask.

Well my facebook friends know, so I will clue the rest of you in.

I called Cleveland Clinic in Weston Florida to inquire into their Neurology Department and two Doctors that I had heard about that specialized in Intracranial Hypertension. I wanted to see what little old me could do about making an appointment.

We are talking about Doctors that are Specialist here.
We are talking about a very rare disease
We are talking about a huge organization (think Mayo Clinic standards)

We are taking little old me, patient with no pull, trying to get an appointment thinking it would be months out and thinking I would just have to pass the information along to my Neurosurgeon and see if he could move the appointment date up.

Divine Intervention happened to me that very moment on the phone this morning.

As I was talking to the nurse telling her what I was calling about ect..she says "wait....we have a cancellation"....(insert pause) "When are you planning on traveling to Florida" My reply was " As soon as possible" she said---- How about March 18th at 2:00.......

Insert long, whistling pause.......mainly generated by me.. (let me also insert that in my time warp state of brain these days I thought the 18th of March was next week)

So after the pause....which was probably only one second....I said "I'll take it"

So she took all my information down and told me everything I needed to bring.

Let me just say I was stunned.......speechless........

Could this really be happening. I am going to see a Doctor that has over 20 years experience with this new enemy of mine. Yes, Yes, Yes, I am.

More Divine Intervention:

Wes is off the next few day ( he is a pilot so this is a rare thing timing wise)
I had no trouble calling to secure all medical records, and radiology films....I was expecting a fight.

Flights looked good.
I found a decent car rental rate.
A decent hotel rate.

Divine Intervention........only God has the answers sometimes....and maybe we should just not question the hows...

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