Friday, March 27, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons

When Life Hands You Lemons…..

Make Lemonade????

I really hate that saying….because unless you have sugar it’s going to taste really bitter.

But life is like that sometimes, bittersweet.

Graduation was bittersweet.

Divorce was bittersweet.

Being single was bittersweet.

Watching the girls grow older and more independent is bittersweet……

But Life is all about change and dealing with change.

Whether we like it or not the one constant in life is change……

I had to have my hair cut, it was inevitable. I was missing a three inch section of hair. It was noticeable to say the least. My wonderful mother drove me to the salon and sat in the other room just to be there as support. Hair is the least of my problems these days. I have a record long list of more important things to worry about but for the time being this was something I could control, I could decide, I could have a say in.

It seems so vain to be worried about hair….but a haircut and a hairstyle is a personal thing…It’s a reflection of personality, of spirit, of who we are.

I have always been the girl with long hair….always… with IH not only has it taken away months of my life that I can never get back, hospital stays, medical bills, missed ballgames, laughter….it has taken away my long hair… long hair that was a huge part of me….

It may be vain….

It may be silly…

It’s a small thing on a list of huge things….but I could tackle that one today…..

Change is bittersweet….

We like the comfort of what we know, we like the routine, we like to know what’s around the corner….

But maybe just maybe….we need to be handed more lemons in our life’s and find ways to make more than just lemonade.

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