Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Expectations

Great Expectations…

Ever plan to go see a movie because the previews looked soooo good , get all hyped up, go see it and come out of the movie theater going “What the ???? , that was horrible”

Ever go out to eat and see something on the menu that looked like it would be the most amazing meal of your life only that when you order it, it’s only so-so and you can’t find much good to say about it but can’t find much bad to say about it either.

These are what we as people build up as Great Expectations. This is what I did with my appointment in Florida at the Cleveland Clinic. I had Great Expectations. I just knew, just knew that this was the be all end all of where I needed to be when it came to IH.

I was wrong.

I did not post yesterday because well, frankly you would not have wanted a rambling mess and to be honest I was not sure how I really felt about the appointment yet.

So I had some time to talk with Wes, and we talked about the appointment and I did realize that yes some good did come out of it. My Great Expectation however, were just not met.

In a nutshell…

They put me on Diamox and back on Topamax
This could still be Migraine related as well as IH
I have to “learn” how to deal with the possibility of having a headache everyday
He agrees with the diagnosis of IH

Whoaaaa What was that?… yep you read that right. I may have to learn how to deal with a headache everyday. Ummmm, that is not what I wanted to hear. Now I could learn how to deal with eating a Twix bar every 20 minutes but a headache everyday…that’s a little much.

Of course there is more of the appointment but hey this is a blog and I am only going to share and bore you with so much…..

Overall….He was a nice Doctor, he had some new perspective, he had some new avenues for us to follow.

Going back ….no

Great Expectations….we all have them. We take an idea, a place, a person, or a thing and build it up so big in our minds . We make this “thing” so perfect, so wonderful that in reality that “thing” can never be that….well…..great.

Great Expectations…that’s what I had for the Cleveland Clinic….

Now I leave Florida and head home. Not dragging my head in despair, not crying or saying that was a waste of time…But with my Great Expectations in check….and ready to place them somewhere else.

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