Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rest of the Story....For Now....

So how in the heck did I get here.....and how do I get back???

Well I can't go back but man I wish I could, life was easier before January 30th, 2009.

That’s the day my life really....well got complicated, to say it nicely.

I worked half a day, went to my mothers house, went upstairs, fell asleep and the pain just never stopped.

What’s funny is I even remember what I wore to work that day. I had on black pants, a yellow sweater and black boots. It’s funny how we remember those small details.

I thought it was another migraine...I thought I had been having them for about a year.

The kind of headache where you feel your eyes may explode from the light and all you can do is hide under the covers and hope for relief. Not to mention the vomiting and sweating that goes with it but I will spare you those details.

A few days later and a couple of trips to see my General Practinoer with shots of Nubain and Phenegran, the headache/Migraine pain was still there. Hmmmm not good.

With some gentle (well maybe not) prodding he referred me to a Neurologist as I had maxed out on Narcotic shots (three within a 1 1/2 week span).

The Neurogist, what can I say nice about him....well not much..Because isn’t it if you can't say something nice don’t say anything at all?????

He thinks I am having status migraines (migraines that last over 72 hours) he wants to put me in the hospital to receive DHE treatment (this is an IV fluid treatment that is given over the span of several days)

I agree to this......THREE TIMES!!!!!

Between the span of February to March I was hospitalized three times and given DHE treatment..

Needless to say it did not work.
I had an MRI, it came back fine.
CAT Scan .....fine
Blood Work...fine
Hormone Levels....fine
Rabies Test....fine....Just have to have some humor right?

Nothing was working....At best I am in a blur, a time warp. The days go buy and I am on so many pain killers I can't tell you much.

I go home only to head back to Rex Hospital...I am worried, Wes is worried, my girls are worried, my family worries, heck the dogs worry but I think that’s just because they are afraid no one will show up to feed them at the appropriate time.

So as I lay in the hospital the Doctor on call for the Neurology office I am seeing suggest doing a spinal tap.

Well why not... We have done everything else...lets rule out infection.

But what he finds is that my spinal pressure is at 43 YIKES!!!!!

YIKES....because normal is 20....

What I have is double and that is not good.
Two days later they do another spinal tap hoping the first reduced some pressure....

NOPEIt came back at 38.

The diagnosis Intracranial Hypertension or as it is also called Psedudotumor.
I, Wes, everyone ask what does this mean????

Short answer, I need a shunt to drain all the excess fluid off my head....NICE

I ask do I have to??? And I swear to you the Neurologist reply was "You must be delusional if you think you are not having surgery" Wow...that’s some kinda bedside manner for least he was honest....

So in numbness and dumbness I leave the hospital with a surgery date in hand...March 6th...

We shall get to the rest of the story tomorrow

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