Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Microwave....Run for Your Lives......

The Microwave…Run for your lives….

There is an appliance in my kitchen that has me scared.

It is out to get me.

I can’t go near it.

I think it knows it….. hehehe

No, now don’t panic my friends, I have not lost it and don’t need a one way ticket to the funny farm, but hey ya never know.

I was told by the Neurosurgeon not to use the Microwave, not to be near it.

Say what???? Are you serious???

Side note…
(Shunts are adjusted by magnets)

Now let me just say that I know if I go and have an MRI, I can but have to go and have my shunt reset because after all an MRI uses strong magnets and therefore can reset my shunt.

But a microwave?????

I really need to ask more questions about this.

Does this mean don’t stick your head in it and turn in on….well duh???

Or does it simply mean don’t stand in front of it when it is on?

Not sure?

For now the kids are having a blast while I stand back wondering what the “safe” distance between me and the evil microwave is…..

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